Aerospace Manufacturer looking for talented Machinists!

Great Shift availability!
Swing Shift Available 2 pm -12:30 am Mon-Thurs (3 positions available)
Weekend Shift 6 am -6:30 pm Fri-Sat (3 positions available)

Machinist/Operator will be responsible for setting up machinery to manufacture parts to blue-print specifications. They will program CNC machines to reliably and repeatedly meet specifications. This position will also be responsible for recording key information to enable easy turnover to other shifts and to help other machinists/operators to independently manufacture parts in the event the parts repeat in the future.


• Manufacture parts from prints
• Fully inspects parts
• Complete responsibility for meeting all specifications

Skills/Qualities needed:

• Efficient set-up and fixturing
• Able to read blue-prints and geometric tolerancing
• Able to calculate/select proper speed and feed rates
• Initially selects the appropriate tooling
• Understands some shop economics and the need to complete work efficiently, including balancing speed, quality, tooling costs, and scrap.
• Ability to work independently and manage time and work area for maximum productivity with little or no direct supervision.

Please respond to add with your resume for immediate consideration!